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Frame with window mount

Window mounts (“passé-par-tout”) enhance your artwork and create space around the image. More importantly, a window mount prevents direct contact between the artwork and the glass – potentially a contributory factor to the damage of quality artwork.

There are many styles of mount and approaches to arranging them.
The presentation of some paper artworks will be greatly improved by DRY MOUNTING. Although dry mounting is not generally considered an archival method, it does have some advantages; it flattens the artwork to give a clean crisp look and helps disguise assorted creases.

The main disadvantage of dry mounting is that it is not a reversible process in most cases. It should also be noted, that certain subjects do not react well to the heat process required for dry mounting. Please contact our showroom for further details.

As an alternative to dry mounting for we can offer LINEN BACKING. This technique is particularly suitable for old, vintage film posters. It helps to preserve and stabilize the poster, makes handling, storing and framing of it much easier, but also prevents from further damages.


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