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Because paper is extremely sensitive to its surroundings, it is easily damaged by humidity, temperature changes, restriction of movement, direct contact with acidic materials and exposure to UV light, it is necessary to apply the use of high grade conservation mounts such as cotton core – museum mount or solid core.

We mount all artwork using only archival tape hinges that allow the artwork to hang safely within the mount - unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Just as importantly there is a varied choice of conservation glazing to protect your artwork:

  • Ultra Violet Light Protection Glass - considered essential now days in protecting artwork from the slow but irreversible effects of exposure to UV light
  • Museum glass offers high anti UV protection from the irreversible damage caused by light exposure while also providing virtually invisible glazing that enhances and protects your artwork.
  • UV filtering Acrylic. This is also available with a scratch resistant surface and Reflection Control. 
(Plastic glazing is recommended in the framing of very large pieces where the weight of the frame is a concern.

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